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Survivors Village and May Day NOLA cleaned out a Road Home property in the St. Bernard community today, announcing our intention to prepare the home as a step toward addressing high rates of homelessness and displacement. Among the supporters who joined us were members of Stand for Dignity.

See video of the action here.

Those participating in today’s action assert that all displaced and dispossessed residents –esp those forcibly relocated by the Federal Government after Hurricane Katrina–have the UNCONDITIONAL right of return to their homes and communities. Our objective is to make these rights real by sheltering residents in need in the many vacant properties being warehoused by the Road Home Program.

Among its many problems, the Road Home program completely ignored the majority of New Orleanians who were renters and now owns many vacant properties in a city with an affordable housing crisis. Survivors Village intends to do what the local, state and federal governments are not doing and that is making a real road home for the many New Orleanians who are still displaced, as well as the city’s growing homeless population.

The action today was the third and final day of our Right to Return Weekend which was organized to call attention to the human right to housing and to highlight the failure of local and national officials to address the fact that more than 1 out 4 New Orleanians are still displaced, that all but one public housing development have been demolished, and the city’s homeless population has ballooned to well over 20,000 people.  The Right of Return Weekend was organized in conjunction with the May month of actions called by Take Back the Land Movement (TBLM). TBLM is a network of autonomous organizations affiliated with the US Human Rights Network (USHRN) dedicated to realizing the human right to adequate housing and community control over land.

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