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Sharon Jasper’s municipal trial is  THIS THURSDAY, September 30 at 4 pm in Municipal Court, Section D — 727 S. Broad St. (near the intersection of Broad & Tulane).

The lawyers anticipate that the trial WILL proceed this time, and so we need to get as many people as we can to turn out in support of Ms. Jasper.

We are encouraging people to come at 3 pm to gather outside the courthouse.  If possible, wear
black or green shirts.

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Sharon Jasper’s municipal trial is this coming Tuesday, September 14 at 3 pm in Municipal Court, Section D –727 S. Broad (near the intersection of Broad & Tulane).  We need to get as many people as we can to turn out in support of Ms. Jasper at the trial.  We are encouraging people to wear black or green shirts to the trial, and we also will have armbands there that supporters can wear.

To prepare for the trial, we will be meeting at St. Bernard Community Church at 3938  St. Bernard Ave at 4 pm this Saturday Sept 11 to make phone calls to remind people about the trial, as well as to make signs and armbands.

Click here for a flier that you can use to fill others in on the events leading to the charges against Ms. asper and to mobilize them to come out for her trial.

Finally, if you want to come to Tuesday’s hearing but need transportation OR you can provide transportation for someone else who needs it, please email us at communitiesrising@gmail.com

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Five years into our fight for the right to return to our neighborhoods we are not invisible and we will not be silent.

Therefore as the rest of the city of New Orleans focused on the disaster of August 29, 2005 as an event that happened and has passed, residents of public housing and supporters stood in an all day rain to protest the visit of President Obama to a neighborhood that has been purged of poor people, turned over to Warren Buffet and his investor friends, and is being promoted as the future of public housing around the country.

The struggle continues for the brave and resilient public housing residents and the many people who believe in social justice and are willing to fight regardless of the odds.

Special thanks to attorneys Tracie Washington, Davida Finger, and William “Bill” Quigley, for going way above and beyond the call of duty.  Also thanks to Willie J.R. Fleming, the crew from Chicago, and brother Kali Akuno, from the U. S. Human Rights Network.

Now the battle moves into the next phase which is to defend our sister Sharon Jasper.

  • Her voucher termination hearing is this Wednesday, September 1, 2010 at 10 am
  • Her trial in Municipal court is Tuesday, September 14, 2010

the struggle continues…

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Also see commentary and video

from Kali Akuno

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Community Rally to Educate President Obama

Sunday, August 29, 2010  — 11 am

Fight Back Community Center

3820 Alfred St., New Orleans, LA 70122

(across from the 3800 block of St. Bernard Ave.)

President Barack Obama is scheduled to visit the St. Bernard community TODAY at 3 pm to view the Columbia Parc development as part of events to commemorate the 5th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Survivors Village will host a community rally in the St. Bernard community starting at 11 am to highlight the exclusionary policies, retaliatory tactics, and outright lies of the Columbia Residential corporation and to educate President Obama about the ongoing struggle of the former St. Bernard residents to realize their human right to return to their homes and community.

“President Obama has to be exposed to the truth”, says former resident and Survivors Village member Kawana Jasper. “Columbia Parc received its contract through corruption, lied to the residents at every step of the development process, and is trying to intimidate the residents with false charges and threats.” Survivors Village member Stephanie Mingo says, “We will be heard. Obama promised that he would do right by the people of the Gulf Coast, and we intend to make him live up to that promise. If he continues to let Columbia Parc get away with their criminal and discriminatory behavior, then he will be doing no better than Bush”.

To ensure that the human rights of the St. Bernard residents are respected, protected, and fulfilled by the Obama administration, Survivors Village is demanding that any former resident wanting to live in Columbia Park should be admitted immediately and unconditionally; that the false charges against Sharon Jasper be dropped immediately and the threat to terminate her voucher be withdrawn; that the demand for more than 30,000 Section 8 vouchers be met immediately; and that the PETRA bill threatening to privatize public housing throughout the country be permanently withdrawn.

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Fundraising Supper—Friday & Saturday,

September 24-25 11 am until…

Car Wash & Fish Fry –

Saturday, Oct 2 11 am until…


For the last year, the city of New Orleans has been trying to declare the Fight Back Center blighted and to assess fines and liens in order to seize it. Each time a notice would be given to us, we would correct the problems and avoid the fines and liens. Now we have learned that at a hearing that we did not have notice of, the Fight Back Center has been declared blighted and a huge fine has been assessed. The next step in the process is for the City to place a lien on the property and then attempt a seizure.

We all know that the property at 3820 Alfred St. and the 3800 block of St. Bernard is known around the country as the birthplace of the post-Katrina housing struggle for the poor and landless in the City of New Orleans. It is no accident that there is such an effort to seize the property by the City. We will fight this effort and win!!

But the final solution to this problem is to get the property in tip-top shape so that there is no reason for this harassment in the future. Though there are many people who are willing to help do the work, we must raise funds to buy the supplies and materials.



Fundraising Supper—Fri/Sat, September 3-4 11 am until…

Car Wash & Fish Fry – Saturday, September 18 11 am until…


The Struggle Continues…..


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There will be a Survivors Village meeting this Saturday at 3 pm at  St. Bernard Community Baptist Church 4000 St.Bernard Ave., New Orleans, LA

The agenda will include:

  • support for Sharon Jasper’s defense
  • planning for 5th year commemoration
  • discussion of upcoming mixed income redevelopment of Iberville
  • report on urban gardening project
  • discussion of future direct action

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